Net Zero Company Benchmark Update

Interim Benchmark assessments have been published for all focus companies. 


Progress Update

Climate Action 100+ tracks the progress of focus companies against a number of key indicators through regular progress reporting and benchmarking. Annual progress updates also provide key information about the evolution and operation of Climate Action 100+.

2021 Progress Update

The initiative’s latest Progress Update was released in January 2022 and covers key highlights from the initiative’s activity in 2021. Key elements include:

  • Continued growth of the initiative
  • A selection of focus company commitments from around the world
  • Record results achieved during a historic proxy season
  • Launch of the ground-breaking Net-Zero Company Benchmark and Global Sector Strategies workstream
  • Key goals for 2022
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2020 Progress Report

The initiative’s latest report was released in December 2020 and details sector-level progress across the focus companies that are engaged by investors through Climate Action 100+. Key elements of the report include:

  • An overview of Climate Action 100+, its engagement agenda and the role of investors.
  • A review of sector-level progress across the oil and gas, utilities, mining and metals, transportation, industrials and consumer products sectors.
  • Further detail on the Climate Action 100+ Net-Zero Company Benchmark.
  • Regional reviews of progress and issue reviews of net-zero commitments, industry lobbying practices and just transition.
  • A summary of the initiative’s priorities for 2021.

Translated versions of the 2020 progress report will be released in the first quarter of 2021.

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The first Climate Action 100+progress report was released in October 2019 and provides a sector-by-sector analysis, including performance indicators, a list of key company milestones and case studies.

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