Net Zero Company Benchmark Update

Assessments for 14 Australian focus companies have been released early ahead of AGMs —click here for more information.



Investors engaging with focus companies through Climate Action 100+ are assisted in the coordination and management of the initiative by five investor networks. Learn more about each investor network below.

The work of investors engaging through Climate Action 100+ is assisted by five investor networks. As co-founders of the initiative, the investor networks provide secretariat support for investors, help facilitate initiative meetings, provide technical assistance and create opportunities for engagement skills enhancement. They also lead regionally-focused working groups that support engagement with a subset of focus companies to provide participating investors with resources and help to ensure engagements are effective.

Asia Investor Group on Climate Change: Creating awareness and encouraging action among Asia’s asset owners and financial institutions about the risks and opportunities associated with climate change and low carbon investing

Ceres: A sustainability nonprofit organization working with the most influential investors and companies to build leadership and drive solutions throughout the economy.

Investor Group on Climate Change: A collaboration of Australian and New Zealand investors focusing on the impact that climate change has on the financial value of investments.

Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change: The European membership body for investor collaboration on climate change and the voice of investors taking action for a prosperous, low carbon future.

Principles for Responsible Investment: A United Nations-supported international network of investors working together to implement its six aspirational principles.


Learn more about each investor network.

  • Asia Investor Group on Climate Change
  • Ceres
  • Investor Group on Climate Change
  • Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change
  • Principles for Responsible Investment