Net Zero Company Benchmark

Assessing the world's largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters on their net zero transition

The Climate Action 100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark assesses the performance of focus companies against the initiative’s three high-level goals: emissions reduction, governance, and disclosure on and implementation of net zero transition plans. Four sets of company assessments against the Benchmark have been released since March 2021.

The Benchmark is not a disclosure mechanism or database itself. Rather, it is an evaluation tool for investor engagement that can be used by investors, all of whom will have differing mandates and starting points together with considerations of jurisdiction, regulation and best practice, from which they make their own decisions. Investors always act independently, including with respect to investment decisions and voting.


What’s Coming Up in 2024?  

The CA100+ Benchmark assessments are updated annually in October of each year. This year, assessments will be made against the framework below. Please contact us via [email protected] if you have feedback to share on either the Benchmark framework or relevant processes. Feedback provided before early August 2024 will be considered for the next iteration in 2025.

Download the Framework (Signatories Only)

The Benchmark draws on distinct analytical methodologies and datasets from public and self-disclosed data from companies, categorised into two types of indicators: 

  • Disclosure Framework Indicators, which evaluate the adequacy of corporate disclosure; 
  • Alignment Assessments, which evaluate the alignment of company actions with the Paris Agreement goals. 

The Disclosure Framework is assessed by the Transition Pathway Initiative Global Climate Transition Centre and FTSE Russell, an LSEG business. Alignment Assessments are provided by the Carbon Tracker Initiative, InfluenceMap and the Rocky Mountain Institute. 

By accessing the Benchmark, you agree to be bound by the data usage terms and conditions and company review and redress processes.

About the Benchmark


Download the assessment methodologies for the Disclosure Framework and Alignment Assessments.

Key Findings

Explore the analysis and key findings from the latest round of company assessments.



Thanks to these organisations for their commitment to our work

  • TPI
  • FTSE
  • Carbon Tracker
  • RMI
  • InfluenceMap