Proxy Season 2023

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Climate Action 100+ releases the latest evolution of the Net Zero Company Benchmark.

In consultation with investor signatories, the initiative releases today an updated Benchmark (Benchmark 2.0) to ensure that it continues to effectively support investor engagements with focus companies during this critical decade. The enhancements made intend to embed a stronger focus on emissions reductions, alignment with 1.5°C pathways and the robustness of transition plans.

KEPCO commits to carbon neutrality and coal phase out by 2050

Following investor engagement and escalation, KEPCO and its six subsidiaries have committed to carbon neutrality and a complete phase out of coal by 2050 following the development of national plans by the South Korean Presidential Committee on Carbon Neutrality.

BlueScope sets commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

Building on existing targets and disclosure and following engagement with investors, BlueScope announces a net zero emissions by 2050 goal and an initial capital allocation of AUD$ 150M over five years to support mid- and long-term climate ambitions.

Time has run out for business as usual

Climate Action 100+ signatories will be ramping up their expectations for focus companies in the coming year, write SC members Stephanie Maier and Anne Simpson