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Investor interventions to accelerate net zero electric utilities

IIGCC has published a sector strategy for electric utilities, setting out actions the sector needs to take to decarbonise in line with the IEA Net Zero by 2050 Scenario

The Global Sector Strategies: Investor interventions to accelerate net zero electric utilities report was developed by IIGCC as part of the Climate Action 100+ Global Sector Strategies workstream.

The electricity sector is responsible for 40% of global emissions, more than any other sector, and demand is predicted to grow by over 166% by 2050. In order to align with the IEA’s Net Zero by 2050 scenario, emissions from electricity generation need to reach net zero by 2040 globally and by 2035 in advanced economies. Read IIGCC’s press release here.

The report will be used as a tool by investor signatories that are actively engaging with power companies on the Climate Action 100+ focus list, through sector-wide dialogue that encourages collaborative action and individual engagement.

For more information about this workstream, read our blog here.

Published October 2021.


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