Recommended Investor Expectations for net zero aviation

PRI published a sector strategy for the Aviation sector, recommending investor expectations to guide engagements with aviation companies and help them align with the goals of the initiative.

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PRI – in consultation with Climate Action 100+ signatory investors, aviation companies, and aviation sector technical experts – has developed a sector strategy to help signatories push for greater climate ambition from airline and aerospace focus companies. The strategy was a pilot for the Global Sector Strategies, a new workstream of the Climate Action 100+ initiative which is focused on decarbonisation at the sector level.

The strategy consists of recommended investor expectations to guide engagements with aviation companies and help them align with the goals of the initiative. These recommended expectations build on the PRI’s Investor Expectations Statement on Climate Change for Airlines and Aerospace Companies published in February 2020, and are also aligned with the Climate Action 100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark.

Climate Action 100+ investor signatories are encouraged to use the recommended expectations to inform their engagements with aviation focus companies and ensure they are implementing robust decarbonisation plans.

For more information, please see the PRI blog post about the strategy. In addition, a webinar recording providing an overview of the strategy and a case study on American Airlines can be viewed here.


Published January 2021


Recommended Investor Expectations

Includes eight detailed recommended expectations outlining how the Climate Action 100+ goals can translate to the specific circumstances of the aviation sector. Also provides an overview of the aviation sector, including a summary of its main climate-related risks and the key levers for decarbonisation.

Landscape Report

A comprehensive assessment of the aviation sector, including an analysis of its climate impacts, an in-depth exploration of how the sector could decarbonise, and a detailed evaluation of what actions would be needed to achieve this.

Case Studies

Examples of activities aviation companies have undertaken to date that could help align them with the recommended investor expectations for the sector.


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